Premier Design Services

We understand that every garden is different and with that each client needs to be treated individually.
Although we have a large team of people within the team, Neil oversees all the Premier projects from consultation to completion. Each project varies but the design methodology and process remains constant. We seek to understand the key client needs for each project and deliver the very best.

Neil will spend time with the client, discussing the requirements, understanding your ideas and vision for the project. We complete notes, sketches and photographs to form a basis for our design process.

Site survey
For a successful project to have a solid starting point, we believe a throughout site survey is critical.
We take measurements of the buildings and garden, including levels, soil samples and views. We take as many photographs as possible to assist with the design process when we are not on site.

Initial Layout plan
Once the survey has been completed we then create the initial outline plan. This stage of the project can require various options and amendments depending on the client requirements. A range of sketches and notes are used during this process so that the client can see the development of concepts and design.

Planting plan
An important element of the overall design is the planting plan. Whilst this is considered during the main design, the final planting arrangements are one of the last elements to be decided. This adds colour, texture and connects various parts of the garden together in a natural way.

Having our own construction team means we can provide a wide range of skills whenever needed. We construct the garden based on the agreed plan. Any deviations can cause implications to the overall concept so we only make changes with the client’s permission and once all the issues have been explained.