Decking, Cladding & Balustrades

What better way to set off your home or business than with a beautifully decked area, surrounded by a stunning balustrade. With Premier.JE we have so many options for you to choose from.

We can offer composite, PVCu, softwood and hardwood decking; composite cladding; glass, stainless steel, PVC and timber balustrades. The choice is yours – talk to us today to discuss what options are best suited to your requirements.

Composite Decking & Cladding

Despite composite wood plastic being a relatively new product, we’ve managed to produce a high-quality alternative to traditional timber that looks and feels almost exactly like real wood.<

The benefits of composite decking is that its plastic ingredients mean it is far superior in durability, strength and maintenance over a timber product. Typically, timber is susceptible to damage over a period of time. Wood can be damaged by natural weathering such as rain, friction or wind, often causing potentially dangerous splinters to protrude from the material (which isn’t ideal when you have little ones running around outdoors). Composite materials however use plastic co-ingredients that create a much stronger product, meaning that you get a longer lifetime out of the material.

PVCu Decking

PVCu Decking is a great alternative to timber, with virtually no maintenance and long life. It has increased in popularity over the recent years, as it doesn’t rot or decay, can be made to look very similar to traditional wooden decking, is extremely robust and long lasting.

Beautiful decking can make your outdoor living space so much more enjoyable. UPVc decking boards are easy and quick to install. They will not rot or crack, and have an excellent anti-slip surface.

Hard & Softwood Decking

Wood has always been the most popular decking material. It’s traditional, natural, earthy and ideally suited to the outdoors. It’s a sustainable resource, making it more eco-friendly than a lot of other man-made decking materials. No two pieces of natural wood are identical – each has it’s own pattern, colouring and hue.

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