Composite Fencing

Fencing needs to be tough, especially with the harsh weather we have to endure sometimes, not to mention animals and children. Composite fencing strong and durable, and can windstand high winds (and ball games). It’s mould and rot resistant, so it’s the perfect solution to family life.

It’s also low maintenance, so there’s no need to set aside time every year for painting, sealing and staining. The colours won’t fade in the sun, giving you a stunning fence all year round.

Timber Fencing

What can be more beautiful than a traditional, timber fence.

They can be time consuming with annual maintenance, but there is something natural and aesthetically pleasing about the look, feel and smell of a timber fence.

PVCu Fencing

PVCu fencing is a lightweight alternative to traditional timber fence panels. Quick and easy to install, they last a lot longer than timber panels as they are highly unlikely to decompose. If and when your panels get weathered; you can just give them a quick wipe down with a decent cleaning product and they will be looking good as new.