Garden Maintenance

Premier Landscaping was set up in 2012 to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for a range of clients in Jersey. With a highly skilled and friendly team, we undertake all aspects of garden care.

We take pride in our work. We want you to love your garden, and to do that it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Every garden is different, and every customer has different requirements. That’s why Premier Landscaping & Gardening treat every client as an individual.

Our services include but not limited to:

Maintenance of the lawn and turf

The lawn is one of the most important parts of any garden. A garden maintenance program remains incomplete without taking care of the lawn and the turf.

• Site Clearance.
• Maintenance of the lawn.
• Cutting of the grass to the appropriate level.
• Treating the lawn to ensure its health.
• Top dressing of lawns.
• Aeration of the lawn core.
• Removal of old turf and its replacement.

Taking care of hedges & borders

Flower beds and borders add aesthetic value to the garden along with hedges. However, these two areas require a lot of attention to ensure that they remain attractive.

• Removal of weeds and their prevention.
• Trimming of hedges.
• Weeding the planted areas.
• Implementing pest control and disease control measures.
• Pruning the plants to promote healthy growth.
• Planting and seeding new trees and plants.

Other areas of the garden

• Washing the paths, driveways and patios of dirt and grime.
• Removal of the dead and dried leaves.
• Clearing up the accumulated rubbish.
• Maintenance of the sprinkler and other water dispersion systems.